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Bellaclan Border Collies wouldnt return my dog!

I purchased a show Border Collie male from Bellaclan Border Collies (Laura K.S. Shaw) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 2010. In 2013 she contacted me asking me to send him to her so he could be shown in Canada and bred. After he was shipped to Laura and my expense she sent me one of her show dogs to show here in America. She was to pay all entry fees for my dog in Canada plus all expenses to ship him home. She was also to pay for the show expenses for her dog. When I went to enter her dog into a show I asked her for the money for entry fees and she said she was broke so asked if I could pay them. I said I would, but that she had to pay me back a.s.a.p. I then got a call from her saying that my dog had bit someone in Canada and that he would need to be put to sleep. She said he had been aggressive toward her for about 3 weeks. My dog is a family dog and the *** she described was very severe so I told her we needed to do what was best for the dog. She contacted me later to say that he was dangerous and violent and that she wanted me to sign his papers over to her. She did not give me a reason why other than I would be liable if he bit someone else. I told her I would not sign the dog over to her but she could neuter him and place him in a home without children. She refused saying he was too dangerous. She continued to ask me to sign him over to her so she could give him to a breeder friend of hers. I refused saying that I did not want him bred if he was truly aggressive. She continued to threaten me with legal action if he was to *** someone else. In August I started hearing more about Laura and began to demand for my dogs return. My dog had been seen in a grooming shop where Laura works with his belly shaved in July. Well after the *** incident. Then I started hearing that my dog never bit the person and that it was a poodle mix. Numerous people that live in the area told me this. I continued to demand the return of my dog, and Laura continued to refuse. In December, 2013 I was given the name of another person that had been screwed over by Lauren so I contacter her to see if she could help. After a week of trying, we located the property my dog was being held on and video was taken. We were horrified at the living conditions of the dogs. It was -32 when the video was taken and no one was at the property. Later that night the OPP (police in Ontario) took my report for stolen dog, contacted Laura and demanded the release of him. He was given to my contact in Canada and showed no signs of aggression at all. He is soon to be returned to me after being gone for almost a year. She now owes me for his shipping home which is $508 plus tax, plus entry fees for her dog $280. This dog is my sons best friend and she took Cash from him. Who does that to a child? Our dog may never be the same after the "loving" care that our dog recieved while in the possession of Laura Shaw, but at least he will be home with us in a warm house. Do not believe the pictures on her website, they are all fake. They are pictures of the park, pictures inside her grooming shop and even pictures of other peoples houses/property. I will be posting pics and videos of the conditions my dog was found in and his conditions upon return.
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This woman complaining who owns Cash is the girl from Moondust show dogs Border Collies, used to be Pastime Kennel, she has changed her name a few times now. She has bred Sheltie's and gave them up, had poodles, Border Terriers and now Border Collies too!

She has given up many dogs over the years and only keeps them if they win and her kids can show them. Apparently her kids could not even show Cash anymore and that is why he has not been shown for a long time. He was too much dog for them to show. He also had bitten the owners daughters friend and another kid along with growled at the owners daughter more times then they could count.

When the breeder asked for him back to show she did not realize how sever his issues were. The breeder had him for about 9 months and never bred a litter from him. I know because I was waiting for a puppy from her out of him and after he bit she didn't tell me, but did say that she would no longer be breeding to him due to his temperament issues. She is making all these claims about a poodle biting but it was Cash who ***.

I know someone who asked the girl straight up and she has no reason to lie and she said it was Cash and that they only said it was a poodle because they were trying to show Cash that weekend and didn't want to tell the dog show people asking, that the IV in her arm was caused by the dog they were going to try to show for it's owner. That's how the poodle rumor came about but the actual *** was 100% done by Cash. He was sitting on the table like the hundred other times they had groomed him and the groomer pulled at the tangle and he flipped around and bit her a couple times. The owner of him dose not want people to know because she wants to breed him for his color.

SO SAD. It's so sad that she needed to bad mouth such a good breeder in order for her own personal gain. She also claimed she did not have enough money to fly Cash home to her so got donations but then somehow had enough money to breed a litter from him!

She also uses her kids to get free dogs from breeders and tells everyone to pitty her because she is a single mom with two kids who like the show. She uses her kids so obviously she uses her dogs too.


Your comment is complete ***. I met Cash, in fact I was on the Shaw's disgusting property where he was being held in a crate...

yes, a crate... outdoors in -35 weather. That's -35 CELCIUS for those in the US.

He was friendly as can be. I suspect you are one of Lauren's friends (her name is Lauren, not Laura) and here to defend her abuse and neglect of dogs at her little glorified border collie puppymill.


The dog was returned to it's owner in good condition a video was posted of the dog off the plane a few days after being with the breeder and this dog was running around happy. The dog was NOT skinny.

I heard it had some tangles in it's rear furr but since it was said to be biting while grooming I would not be trying to brush the dog again either. Its funny that the owner above is making such outlandish claims...this should be illegal!!!!


I started a new group ANTI ANONYMOUS COMPLAINTS AND COMMENTS...If and when somebody comments complaints about someone and the complaints accusations were proven false then the complainants should be held responsible and in turn be fined. Anonymous complaints and comments should be prohibited because if he she they believe so much in what they are saying they should be able to stand behind their words and be responsible for the consequences and be fined.

This is the true meaning of integrity. This will make it harder for cyberbullying and cyberabuse to occur.


If the dog was your son's best friend, why did you ship him off to a stranger for a year? Seems an odd thing to do to a friend.


Are you ***? Or maybe you just can't read?

The dog was returned to it's breeder - not a stranger. It wasn't shipped off for a year. It ended up there for a year because the lowlife breeder refused to return it. Eventually, the dog was returned when the police went to the property and seized it.

If you're as dumb as you appear to be you maybe shouldn't post on public forums and expose your stupidity to the world.


You sent your dog away - your fault. You didn't vet the person properly - your fault.

All this could've been avoid if you didn't ship your dog off (who does that by the way?).

I think you owe your son an apology. Just sayin'


Dog showing is not a great idea. I don't trust anyone anymore.

To ship my pet out to some stranger is out of the question. Period!



Read the whole posting. This person was not a stranger but someone she had known for years!


:cry Can't believe it!

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Cheney, Washington

Puppy application

I fell in love with the dogs at Vallnery and thought Bellaclan seemed like a really reputable breeder. I throughly went through her website (which is no longer up as for right now) and decided to fill out a puppy application. As I was going through it, one of the questions at the end was "do you ever plan to go to China (Yes I am being serious!)" or something along the lines of that, but it was the only country singled out. It took me off guard because I'm an ABC and going back to China one day in the far future to do volunteering is something I have considered. The question seemed a little inappropriate and prompted me to do some googling which led to all these horror stories. Whether these stories/accusations are true or not, the owner of Bellaclan has responded in ways that are inconsistent, rude, and very unlike a caring reputable breeder. Again I wouldn't know if this place is reputable or a puppy mill, but I encourage people who want to get dogs from them to be careful and do RESEARCH before hand!!!!
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The reason why you were asked about China is 2 fold: 1 - China farms dogs, brutally slaughters them, then sells their meat and hides. Reputable breeders banded together SEVERAL years ago, after the hide of a border collie was found at a Chinese market, hanging up from a hook - for sale.

Many border collies are also found in the dog farms waiting to be slaughtered.

2. Reputable Border Collie Breeders do NOT want their dogs ending up in China for the obvious reason that they do not want them bred and sold for their hides or their meat.


Just so you know the owner of Bellaclan is part Chinese herself. She is half Asian, I think Philippine and Chinese!

The only reason she asked that was because there are NO ANIMAL LAWS IN CHINA. So, if someone buys a dog from her and takes it to China and abuses it... there is no Humane Society in China to help the dog. She asked that as she is concerned over her dogs for life, as all reputable breeders are!

Also in China they eat dogs as well as skin them for furr and that is normal. There are also limited vets and apparently dogs in china are put to sleep by being dropped down long wells alive!!! Also I find it really immature that you would post this on here and not even call or e-mail her and ask her why she would require that? You solely added to the list of false rumours!!!

Lastly many of the comments posted under the "Bellaclan" name were not even posted by them.

Anyone can post on here and say they are log in required no verification. This site is just a big joke.


Also, there are annon people in the comments who are refuting every accusation to great lengths and details as if personally involved. Instead of providing evidence and fact to defend their innocence, the Bellaclan breeders are being transparently immature. I would love if they could provide legitimate proof instead of flinging back petty hate because at the end of the day, I hope those dogs are loved.


There are various people commenting on here pretending to be the owners who ate not the owners. The actual owner of this kennel is actually a very classy, sweet and educated young woman who answers in educated ways.

Their home is not a theme park so there is no reason for them to let the public in. *** I would never want a bunch if random visitors at my home let alone ones who already think bad about me and who might be thieves. Do you want to open your home and let a flock of crazy busy bodies in?

Asking them to do that is completely unrealistic. All of you need to get a life!

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Best Breeder I have ever meet

I bought a dog from Laura a couple of years ago after a yera of looking into tons of kennels.Bellaclan dogs are trully beautifull with great temperaments, full of energy and love to give. She is really kind and helpfull with you. You can ask her any question and she'll respond in a blink of an eye, she'll guide you through every step of raising your border collie to become the best friend you could ever dream of. I love my dog and will always be gratefull to Laura!
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I wonder if you would feel the same way about laura if you seen how the parents are kept .? I can assure you it is not what her website states i know this for a fact as i live next door.


What do you mean "How her parents are kept?" her parents are not "kept" Her parents are adults, let them live their lives in peace. I can tell by your comment that you are a very uneducated person.

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Mexico, Capital District
Reason of review
Good customer service


I have 3 dogs from Bellaclan Border Collies. Lauren has been so helpful. I can call or text her any time and she will answer all my questions. My friend here in Toronto has two dogs from Lauren as well and they are seriously the nicest Border Collies we have ever seen. Everytime Lauren is in Toronto she lets us know so that we can visit with her and so she can see the dogs. You can see that she really cares about them. I have met many of her dogs at shows here and they are always the happiest of all the dogs at the shows. Their tails are always wagging and they always have the most coat and they GLOW! I picked my dogs up from her home and her dogs were all so happy. She didn't even let me pay for the third dog I got from her, she GAVE her to me for FREE, because she said I was such a good home!!! All the people saying that she is a horrible person need to find something better to do. All of you are commenting because of things you HEARD. How many of you have actually met Lauren? How many of you have seen all her dogs? When I got my pups my vet commented that he had never seen such healthy pups and also was surprised at how solid they were. He said they weighed a lot for their actual size and that they must have had really good muscle mass. This was with all three of my dogs from Lauren!!! They have been perfect and Lauren has the biggest heart in the WORLD. When my friend's dog died that she got from Lauren, Lauren spent hours on the phone crying with her...It is so crazy to read all the made up stories and comments that everyone is writing about this person who they don't actually know at all. This world is disgusting, you should all be ashamed...all because she beats you in the show ring!!!! Go help people in need instead.
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Bellaclan Border Collies - Stolen Dog Review from Montreal, Quebec

I went to bellaclan kennels after finding out Lauren shaw had forged paperwork on a dog I had purchased. Her web site describes 40 acres of paradise ... It's the worst place I have ever seen with dogs our side freezing in pens with no water and nonfood and the dogs stained from their own urine it was awful. I then founded out this father has hacked the leg of a baby goat that was frozen in snow and starved chickens and turkeys and charged. Lauren is a deceitful breeder and her images of a beautiful kennel and dogs living a great life are lies and fraud... Not convinced drive out to hwy 608!to 597and look for the house marked 326 it's unbelievable. When I was there I discovered a stolen dog named cash which with the help of the police was released to us and we got him home to his family or im sure he would have perished it also took me a year to get all the paperwork settle and in our name but we know of many people that have had worse stories
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I must say that place is AWFUL and they go around stealing things and animals that aren't even theirs


I have never ever went around anywhere and stolen anything in my life. I'm absolutely shocked that I am being accused of anything like this!

Its funny that people are allowed to post false accusations on a website, anonymously! I can see why so many teenagers commit suicide because of online comments/slander.


This review is false as Lauren has not even adopted a single dog to anyone in Montreal, Quebec!!!

I would like to see pictures of these dogs that are claimed to be starving with no food or water as I have seen all of the dogs from this kennel at shows very frequently.

About 10 times a year and I have never seen a single one look underweight or unhappy. In fact I just saw them at a show in the USA January 2015 with healthy happy dogs that did not look sick or unhappy at all. They had more coat and shiner coats then the other 20 dogs owned by others in the ring. If anything they might have been a tiny bit chubby...

Also, non of her dogs have died randomly in all these years.

She has a 14 year old and two 10 year old seniors and they are all in good shape when I saw them 5 months ago. If it was as bad as this person is saying then why do her dogs live for such a long time?

They would have all been dying like flies if it was as as bad as this person claims. People need to stop sabotaging other dog show competitors because of jealousy!


My dog is deaf because of the way she was treated in their "care". YOU DON'T PUT DOGS IN TEENY TINY CAGES OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF A CANADIAN WINTER.


I have no idea who you are and I also have never bred, owned nor housed any dog who was deaf. I also have never had a single dog ever have any sort of ear infection that would cause deafness...

in all these years.

I would suggest using your name and, if you want to accuse me of something at least naming who you are and who this alleged "deaf dog" is would be helpful so we can get to the bottom of this insane accusation!!! Please call me anytime!


Well 2017 is here dogs are still living outdoors laura only comes out to grab pups and the parents to take to town to clean them up ...after pups sell dogs are returned to pens the only socialization the dogs get are when her mom feeds them at around 10pm every day no running water there so not sure if they get fresh water everyday.. I know the horses don't.

Also there is a dog living in a van on property they don' t let it out . so before defending them maybe you should drive out and take a look any reputable breeder would be more than happy to show you the dogs living conditions.


I am disgusted to hear this!

Canadian winters are awful as they are terribly cold.

Why is this place still up and running ?

IT should be closed down inmediately and dogs must be seized. So inhumane !


That is funny because I train at the same place she does and I see her dogs there with her all the time and not only are they very well socialized and not scared at all, they are some of the friendliest dogs I have met! They are also so smart and Laura is a very kind, patient and positive trainer.

Her dogs love her and are bonded so strongly to her that they cant use them as example dogs because they wont listen to anyone else and dont like being taken away from her, not even a few feet. She has been training here for nearly 15 years and in that time i have not seen a single abused dog. Her dogs are always clean and very fit, never ever skinny and if anything have an extra pound it two on them.

Seen them at shows too and they alway looked good and acted happy and clearly madly in love with her. Dogs dont act like that if she has not spent lots of time with them.

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Montreal, Quebec

Anti Cyber bullying campaign and Stop bullying Government websites It had been brought to my attention that animal rights fanatics and extremists have been bullying Laura of Bellaclan and family members and using fanatical and extreme measures and even posed direct threat to life of officials and direct threat to property like threatening to burn their house down if they do not find Laura guilty during inspection visits. These animal rights advocates fanatics and extremists resorted in breaking the law both civil and criminal such as illegal trespassing with intent to steal animals, invasion of privacy by stalking and posting videos on the internet with comments based on false accusations and presumptions and creating an atmosphere of cyberhate on line against Laura and Bellaclan and her family. OPPs had been alerted as well as local neighbourhood watch in our community to protect Laura her family relations and her animals and her property. Members of Parliamnet have been informed about the situation as well.
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Dear Maria,

Why are you constantly trying to hide your identity? I guess you're ashamed of your daughter Laura and don't want to admit your relationship to her.

If she was my daughter I'd be distancing myself too. Although, as the wife of a twice convicted animal abuser you would think you would have learned to live with shame. But, it's apparent, that both shame and pride are foreign concepts to you. You live in a discarded trailer without electricity or plumbing.

You use an outhouse and never bathe. You haven't visited a dentist in years with obvious results. You don't work but live on handouts. It comes as no surprise that animals on your property are suffering given that you lack the basic dignity needed to take care of yourselves.

Unfortunately, your daughter learned your values.


Translation: My family's been caught running a puppy mill wherein we exploit animals for our personal gain in deplorable living conditions, and BOY HOWDY are we catching *** for it! Let me try to turn this well-deserved public shaming around somehow...

Not today *** Squawk til you're blue in the face to whoever you please- you're out of your little mind if you think you can slither out of this one. Do the human race a favor and keep your animals warm as they deserve- DIAF.

Everyone else, google "bellaclan"

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Thunder Bay, Ontario

Prejudiced against

Unlike · Comment .. Go to anti cyberbullying on facebook and no matter what part of the world you come from click yes if you have experienced or witnessed someone being harrassed intimidated and cyberbullied and prejudiced against on the internet Honourable Peter MacKay Member of Parliament sponsor Bill C13 against cyberhate on line cyberbullying anti harassment : To extend coverage of Bill to include all people of all age groups and other areas of concerns that covers any form of cyberbullying and cyberhate on line and harassment and stalking and intimidation on the internet Maria just signed this petition on Petitiongo to 11Unlike · Comment · Sign the Petition
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1 comment

Please visit Facebook: Bellaclan Border Collies Need Help

Updates, videos more info

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Thunder Bay, Ontario
New Reviewer

Anti cyberbullying We wrote Members of Parliament both provincial and federal levels. Bill C13 sponsored by Honourable Peter MacKay passed first reading in November 2013. In for second and third reading in the House of Commons then presentation to Senate to make it Law. Initiating and perpetuating cyberhate on line harassment and cyberbullying then becomes a criminal federal offence. Requested coverage for people of all ages and walks of life victimized by cyberbullying and harrassment on the internet and to include other areas of concerns. We started a page on Facebook to provide Victims of cyberbullying and cyberhate on line a way to express their feelings and thoughts as to how cyberbullying and harassment on the internet had affected their lives. These we hope to submit to Honourable Peter MacKay in support of his sponsorship of such Bill soon to become Law against cyberbullying and harassment on the internet.
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Please visit FaceBook page

Bellaclan Border Collies Need Help

For the latest videos & info


Looks like the page was taken much for that.


The great irony is that your facebook page was created in a futile attempt to bully another group into shutting down LOL


We understand, but you need to realize you are only bringing these comments on yourself by making comments back and joking about it, this is not a joke in any way. You need to realize that when you comment back in a negative way, The authority will see that also.

You have said some stuff that is Cyber bulling to, so don't act all innocent. There are a lot of nasty comments on this site because people are very concerned for these animals.


You do realize that the authorities won't take any of these comments into consideration since anyone can post as Bellaclan or Laura's mom or the *** anonymous? Everyone is wasting their time commenting on here, but thanks for the entertainment.


Gve me your lunch money or I'll see you after school!

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Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Humane and Human Rights...

Update by user Jan 29, 2014

Original review posted by user Jan 23, 2014
..Just an observer watching things happening on the internet...Dogs were in expens for one hour for deworming sessions a standard procedure done for the maintenance of good health of dogs. Dogs live in...
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What innovation are you refering to? The dogs are in small enclosures with old freezers from the scrap yard for shelter.

They are not in 10x20 enclosures as the website states. They are kept outdoors year round.

I know this for a fact as i live next door. So please check your facts before posting such rubbage.

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Thunder Bay, Ontario

Housing conditions at Bellaclan Kennels owned by Laura Shaw

Bellaclan Border Collies - Housing conditions at Bellaclan Kennels owned by Laura Shaw
Laura Shaw according to her web site wants you to believe her dogs live in paradise. What she fails to do is show you how they really live. Enclosed is a video that was taken by owners of a dog "Cash" that Laura would not return in January 2014. At the time taken it...
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Are dogs still being "housed" like this on her property?

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No Papers

The only thing I've ever heard about this breeder is that she doesn't supply papers. Met some people at a show who had a very pretty Bellaclan ***. They couldn't do anything with her because the dog was 2 years old and they still hadn't received papers for her and the breeder was refusing to talk to them. I advised them to lodge a complaint with the CKC as not supplying papers is illegal. I hope they did but I doubt it. I imagine I'll see them again and if they still don't have the papers for their dog I'll be helping them get them.
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I never received papers for my dog either.


All Bellaclan dogs have papers. This is false.

There has NEVER EVER been a bellaclan dog that did not have papers on a 2 year old dog unless the owners failed to fix the dogs. Laura dosen't give papers till you spay.neuter your pets...

then you get the papers.


Whomever you are claiming to have not gotten papers from me needs to contact me directly. Every dog that I have placed has papers and you making claims under an anonymous name claiming to not have papers shows that you are more then likely lying.

If you actually did not have papers I would know who you were and if it was me I would have contacted the person to ask for the papers. All my dogs have papers so you are clearly just trying to slander me and hiding behind the "ànonymous" name... #FAIL Everyone has registration papers from me UNLESS they have NOT PAID for their dog yet, In which case then yes, I still have the dog's papers.

Or if you bought the dog as a pet then I hold papers until you send me proof of a spay/neuter from your vet.


So now at least 2 claims of dogs with no papers and for sure a 3rd one in TB. Oh, dear.

Ever wonder why your pups aren't selling and you have to drop your prices? Better off going to the pound and getting a dog for a lot less money that won't have papers either.


you are a #FAIL Laura.


No papers = puppy mill. How was she allowed to breed for so long and no one knew about this?



She supplied some buyers with papers just not all. I would be scared to by a bellaclan dog now. she's about to be charged by the Canadian kennel club and once that happens she won't be able to show and they won't give her papers for anuy of her pups.


I say make sure everyone who has papers from this kennel checks to make sure they are valid. CKC,AKC I would trust nothing that comes from the voices at this place.


Yes, please everyone, contact the AKC who my dogs are registered with and make sure that the papers I supplied you with are not fake.

The AKC will confirm that all registration papers I have ever supplied are authentic, and all my stud dogs have been DNA Profiled with the AKC so feel free to cheek swab your dogs and have them DNA tested, which will again verify that all dogs are from the listed parents.

I highly recommend that all dogs be AKC DNA PROFILED! :)