The only thing I've ever heard about this breeder is that she doesn't supply papers. Met some people at a show who had a very pretty Bellaclan ***.

They couldn't do anything with her because the dog was 2 years old and they still hadn't received papers for her and the breeder was refusing to talk to them. I advised them to lodge a complaint with the CKC as not supplying papers is illegal.

I hope they did but I doubt it. I imagine I'll see them again and if they still don't have the papers for their dog I'll be helping them get them.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #778833

I never received papers for my dog either.

to Anonymous Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #782371

All Bellaclan dogs have papers. This is false.

There has NEVER EVER been a bellaclan dog that did not have papers on a 2 year old dog unless the owners failed to fix the dogs. Laura dosen't give papers till you spay.neuter your pets...

then you get the papers.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #782381

Whomever you are claiming to have not gotten papers from me needs to contact me directly. Every dog that I have placed has papers and you making claims under an anonymous name claiming to not have papers shows that you are more then likely lying.

If you actually did not have papers I would know who you were and if it was me I would have contacted the person to ask for the papers. All my dogs have papers so you are clearly just trying to slander me and hiding behind the "ànonymous" name... #FAIL Everyone has registration papers from me UNLESS they have NOT PAID for their dog yet, In which case then yes, I still have the dog's papers.

Or if you bought the dog as a pet then I hold papers until you send me proof of a spay/neuter from your vet.

to Bellaclan #782438

So now at least 2 claims of dogs with no papers and for sure a 3rd one in TB. Oh, dear.

Ever wonder why your pups aren't selling and you have to drop your prices? Better off going to the pound and getting a dog for a lot less money that won't have papers either.

to Bellaclan #782629

you are a #FAIL Laura.

to Anonymous #783232

No papers = puppy mill. How was she allowed to breed for so long and no one knew about this? :?

to Anonymous #783363

She supplied some buyers with papers just not all. I would be scared to by a bellaclan dog now. she's about to be charged by the Canadian kennel club and once that happens she won't be able to show and they won't give her papers for anuy of her pups.


I say make sure everyone who has papers from this kennel checks to make sure they are valid. CKC,AKC I would trust nothing that comes from the voices at this place.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #782373

Yes, please everyone, contact the AKC who my dogs are registered with and make sure that the papers I supplied you with are not fake. www.akc.org.

The AKC will confirm that all registration papers I have ever supplied are authentic, and all my stud dogs have been DNA Profiled with the AKC so feel free to cheek swab your dogs and have them DNA tested, which will again verify that all dogs are from the listed parents.

I highly recommend that all dogs be AKC DNA PROFILED! :)

Kingston, Ontario, Canada #775153

False claim? We'll see.

I'll be meeting these people again and will find out if the papers were ever supplied. As of July 2013 they'd been waiting for them since the dog was a pup and she was then 2 years old!!! At the time it was just mentioned in passing and I didn't pay much attention. Next time, if the papers haven't been received, I'll advise them on how to lodge an official complaint and make sure it's done.

Failure to supply papers will only get you banned from CKC events for a couple of years. That's a start.

The dog show community doesn't need the likes of Bellaclan tarnishing its name.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #782374

Feel free to ask them. Border Collies are not CKC registered nor recognized.

Again with that being said, they can have a CKC MSC events number which is the new owners responsibility to get, not the breeders. My dogs are AKC registered and I have never taken 2 years to hand over papers, EVER. I also have not had a single litter born in July or that turned 2 in July of 2013 so that is also false information.

Either they are lying, you are lying, or the dog was not from me. Before people post this kind of stuff they really need to verify that it is true and it is libel otherwise.

to Bellaclan #782439

And you call yourself a breeder? Border Collies are not registered with the CKC.

They ARE recognized. If they weren't they would not be shown in Canada. No wonder you keep getting yourself into trouble. Dumb as a sack of rocks.

You might want to check the law on withholding papers too.


This is a false claim. There is not a single dog that I have placed that has not gotten AKC registration papers whom should have. We had a hard time with the paperwork for our UK imported litter but that was sorted out well before they were 2 years of age.

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